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Time for another

So, saw the last Harry Potter film last night. I cried at so many spots, but then came that one moment:

"Harry Potter... Boy Who Lived... come to die."

And, of course, all I could think was:

OH MAN. OH MAN. It was so hard not to laugh. SO. HARD. And of course I'd been crying right before, so it was a weird mix of sniffs and laughs. Thankfully my sister and one of my friends were also trying not to laugh, or else I think I might not have had the strength to stop myself from yelling, "COME FOR PIE".

All in all, a good end to the movie series. Nothing compared to the books, though, but still enjoyable - as a separate experience. I always get so exasperated when people say, "I love the movies, but I haven't read the books." ...I'm sorry, folks, but get your mother-fucking read on. GO READ THEM BOOKS. You are missing out.

Went shopping today for a dress for my cousin's wedding. I'm always amazed at how ugly the plus size dresses are. It's almost like clothing lines figure we don't care what we look like, since we're fat and all. So here's my message to y'all over there at your designers' studios: just because we're fat, doesn't mean we're ugly. Or that we want to wear your ugly-ass clothes. What's wrong with making pretty dresses for plus size girls? There's no way to hide the fact that I'm bigger than all my cousins if you force me to buy a dress that makes me look even fatter.

On a sidenote, I did manage to find a really pretty dress, even if I paid a bit more than I was comfortable paying. I'd rather pay more and look good than pay less and look like the circus came to town and is hiding under the layers of my shapeless dress.

ALSO: Figured out my story line for my rs_games submission! Now, to actually write it. I'm afraid of failing at writing it properly, but I'll never know until I try, right? Right.

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