protegonox (protegonox) wrote,

Busy Bee

THE GAMES HAVE STARTED. BE READY. So far they have been filled with awesome. If you haven't checked them out yet, drop everything and do that NOW.

In other news, the main reason for this post is to update my LJ peeps about my current RL situation.

Um, I'm now the secretary on my faculty's student committee. I have 20 hours of class a week and about that many hours (if not more) of homework. I'm also a part-time translator.

So, uh, I'm outta time for stuff. I'm probably not going to be commenting as much and I'm definitely not writing anything other than my shaggydog_swap submission before Christmas (not that I usually do), which means I probably won't be able to sign up for thers_small_gifts this year. :(

You'll still see me around, but I'll become something of a whisper in the next few weeks.

But I'll be watching.

Tags: real life, routine
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