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Quick rec!

So I said I wouldn't be around as much, but after reading this amazing rs_games fic I HAD TO SHARE.

Team Sirius, Day Eleven: Written in the Stars

OH MAN. The author creates this amazing alternate universe in the "in the far future humans live in OUTERSPACE" genre, paralleling perfectly the canon events in Sirius's and Remus's lives. I could go on and on about characterization too, but I'll keep it short and just say, you have to read this. It's also the perfect length for a quick read, without feeling like it flew by too quickly.

But don't just take my word for it or anything. Go make your own opinion!

The only down point? It was written by the opposing team! Team Sirius has been posting some steadily awesome fics, which is good for readers because they get entertained, but for a Teamus member such as myself it's got me chewing my fingernails to see such amazing pieces from our competition!

We'll just have to wait and see what the scores say!
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